Odartey had, last year, announced that he was not the biological father of the three children his wife claimed were his after a DNA test he carried out showed they were not his.

He purportedly took the action when he realized that his wife of 20years had been cheating on him repeatedly.

Odartey insisted in interviews with various news channels in Ghana then, that on three different occasions, he had caught the Elikem in uncompromising positions with his (Odartey’s) wife in their matrimonial home and as such, suspected that he (Elikem), was having intimate affairs with the woman.

Elikem on his part, had flatly denied the claims, suggesting the equation doesn’t add up, and even went ahead to throw a jab at those spreading the rumors, calling them ‘fools’.

He had sent his reaction via Twitter, punching holes into the allegations; he added that he must be some ‘gangster’ of gigantic proportions to achieve what he was accused of doing.

This is what he said back then:

The case has been adjourned to the 22 of January but the damage it has caused Elikem’s reputation cannot be over-emphasized.