Kannywood actor, Adam Zango, has denied allegations suggesting that he and some northern actors have been engaging in same sex relationship.

According to the Daily Post, the actor swore using a copy of Quran on live television, in a bid to clear himself and his colleagues concerning the claim made by some Islamic clerics, who insisted that they must be investigated.

The clerics and some residents in both Kano and Kaduna states insisted that a few male entertainers have been copulating with each other.

This is coming at the heels of the general criticism of the Federal Government's plan to build a film village in the north.

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Speaking on Desmims Independent Television, Kaduna, Zango said, “I am here to tell the whole world that I am not gay and I do not participate in any gay activities within and outside the Kannywood industry."

Another Hausa actor, Mustapha Naburaska, also took to Instagram to deny the allegation, Daily Post reported.

In his post, he stated to members of the public that he and his colleagues are aware of the people who have been laundering the rumours.

The actor made assurances that they would soon be exposed.

“I want to tell the public that we know who are making this false accusation about us and soon we shall release some recordings that will exposed them", he said.