An Inspector of Police identified as

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It was learnt that the policemen often collected the amount from the motorcyclists and tricyclists in the area caling it security money but on the day of the incident, the 'Okadaman' who is popularly known as bouncing, refused to part with the money, an action that led to his being shot by the officer, therowing the area into confusion as the tricycle and motorcycle operators engaged the police team in a free for all fight.

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When they saw that their attackers could overpower them, the four police officers in the team, managed to run into a nearby police station and surrendered themselves and were later transferred to the state command headquarters where they are being detained.

According to a commercial rider who identified himself as Bidemi Ayeni, the policemen’s greed caused the ugly incident that has seen Biliaminu battling for his life in an hospital.

“The practice here is that whenever the police come to the park, we give them N500. That happens every Friday. It is called security fee. We pay them so that they will not disturb us. And we always rotate it among the three units in this park.

The three units are the motorcycle riders, the tricycle drivers and the Kelebe drivers. Kelebe is a small-sized four-wheel vehicle.

Last Friday was the turn of the Kelebe drivers to make settlement and after they had paid, the policemen said the N500 was too small for them.

One of the Kelebe drivers then came inside the park to plead with the chairman of the tricycle drivers, so that he would also pay.

Somebody abused him for not minding his business and the people there said it was not their turn to pay. The Kelebe driver went and reported to the policemen who sent him, and the officers came inside the park and assaulted the tricycle drivers’ chairman.

Some thugs in the park who are supporters of our chairman then attacked the Kelebe driver who reported the issue to the police.

As the policemen moved to avenge the assault of the Kelebe driver, bedlam ensued.

The park boys attacked the policemen with stones and other cudgels and the police repelled the attack.

The police inspector opened fire on the victim, who was among the chairman’s supporters."