Anyone who says Abuja is a dry city surely doesnt know what he is talking about.

Last night, October 10, 2017, was a pure rave on Twitter NG. Two big gals from the Abuja Twitter chapter revealed their supposed dirty laundry in public. And oh my, it was it stinking.

The lead actresses, former friends turned sworn enemies, are Irose and Olivia. You can call it the clash of the Amazons.

As any good tale, we must go to the beginning of the drama. On September 13, 2017, Olivia a.k.a @TheOllieMead on Twitter jumped on the bandwagon and bashed short men.

Four days later, @TheOllieMead continued her love for tall men in her tweets. She dissed the short Kevin Hart for cheating on his wife.

Social media never forgets and her tweets were put together alongside a picture of her with her husband who is...yeah you guessed right, not too tall.

Somewhere in Olivia's public dragging, a sub was dropped for her by Irose, her former friend. @TheOllieMead caught the sub and the battle of Abuja Twitter started.

The public airing started in full force with Irose (@IroseGold) making claims that Olivia slept with her ex two weeks to her wedding. She also said that she housed Olivia for six months, her father raped her nanny and that her husband basically scammed someone over the delivery of shea butter.

Irose also made claims that Olivia slept with the brother of her baby daddy. It was a nasty long thread that also featured screenshots of Olivia's chat with her ex.

@TheOllieMead fired back with her own expository thread. She dropped names and claimed that Irose basically goes after married men and married pastors.

Her thread name dropped veteran Nigerian singer Daniel Wilson, popular relationship expert Sola Adio and others. It was brutal and the tweet fight became a trending topic on Twitter.

Abuja Twitter was once known for its calmness and maturity but yesterday that went down the drain. Just as the capital city is more than most likely corrupt, Abuja Twitter has a nasty underbelly too.