A new documentary has been released which focuses on life after 30 in Nigeria.

The documentary titled the '4th decade' features several Nigerians in their 30s as they speak on what they have learnt so far in life and what their 30s hold for them.

There is something about the 4th Decade of our lives – that period from the day we turn 30 to the last day of 39.

In this project, six people share their journey in to the fourth decade and through it.

They share their fears, regrets, worries and concerns but even more, they share their victory, joy and learnings. They share hope.

The 4th Decade Project is made to start up conversations about this phase of life and dealing with the pressures that come with disappointments and expectations.

With this project, it is the hope of the collaborators that you experience hope and renewed excitement at living through the 4th Decade.