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Fuse ODG shared a photo of the Nivea body cream billboard on his Instagram account on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. The singer was particularly pissed at the ad because of the tagline "for visibly fairer skin."

"Dear Nivea, Kindly take down these billboards you have placed all over our beloved countries in Africa," wrote Fuse ODG,"I saw this one with my own eyes today in Ghana and we love our complexion the way it is. And if you don't take these down. We will."

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He also called on Africans to boycott all Nivea products. "Every African everywhere should stop buying any Nivea product. Tag the Nivea branch from your country so they understand how foolish this is! With love #PULLITDOWNNOW" he wrote on his Instagram page.

Nivea hasn't responded to the singer's Instagram post.

Fuse ODG's post once again brings into light skin bleaching and skin lightening in Ghana. It is a lucrative business in the West African country. Nivea's billboard ad is targeted to women and men who desire to lighten their skin.

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Skin lightening and bleaching might be big in Ghana but the government is taking steps to cripple the bleaching industry.

In August 2017,  The Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana the banned the importation of bleaching products that contained chemical hydroquinone.

Bleaching isn't only prevalent in Ghana. Nigeria is more infamous for bleaching. In March 2017, it was reported that 77% women in Nigeria bleach.

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Cameroonian singer Dencia has made a fortune selling her infamous '' skin lightening cream.