Today I won’t go to school because my teacher says we have a special holiday, one for children alone.

That is good, because I like to stay in my room.

Bayo will not push me away and laugh at me at break time when I try to play football with the other boys. He always calls me a dullard and pushes my head.

I will stay at home and watch cartoons with Aunty Rose before my lesson teacher comes. When my daddy shouts at my mummy because her son is too slow and does not talk well, it makes me afraid so I run away to hide in my room.

I don’t like talking because it takes very long for the words to come out, and then people laugh at me or shake their heads sorrowfully.

So I don’t talk in school because I like to think of stories that I will write in this book when I’m alone and no one can laugh at me. And my class teacher told my mummy that I have not been doing well in school and my mummy shouted that I want to disgrace her.

I was crying and crying but Aunty Rose begged me. She doesn’t shout at me or shake her head. She says I’m her special baby and she always rubs my head and even breastfeeds me.

Sometimes she touches my peepee and her body will be shaking and she says I make her happy. I like Aunty Rose because she does not get angry when I can’t call her name well.

My lesson teacher is a short man, but he reminds me of the wicked king I read about in one storybook. He doesn’t usually shout at me but today I make him very angry and he makes me take off my shorts so he can punish me.

My bumbum is paining me but I am afraid to tell my mummy, she will shout at me for making Uncle Ope angry and getting punished. I think he flogged me but he was not holding a cane.

When mummy sees that I can’t walk well, she asks and that why am I so sluggish. But Aunty Rose tells her that I have been in pain for some hours and that I didn’t let her check when she bathed me.

So mummy shouts that I must have gotten 'jedijedi' again because I’m an 'onijekuje' boy. I just go to my room to write in my book again.

When Aunty comes to play with me laaaaate in the night, maybe I will tell her what happened.

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