They had walked for two miles and laughed so hard throughout the trek that insides ached instead of feet. The journey ended at the old wooden chair overlooking the pond.

“Let’s throw rocks like those film people”, she said, half laughing.

He laughed and turned to tell her how crazy she was and his smile suddenly waned.

They say love makes the heart beat harder and faster to a crazy rhythm and then makes it stop suddenly. Crazy rhythm was short of what her brown oval eyes and throaty laughter did to his heart. His heart didn’t stop, rather it became light and fluttered till he felt his soul floating off the ground.

“You’re so beautiful it makes my heart jump”, a voice that sounded too much like his suddenly blurted out.

“Ugh”, he hissed and threw a pebble into the pond.

“You love me and i know it”, she smiled but he frowned in surprise.

“Of course, I..I..No i don’t…shit…yes because you’re my frien……

“Jay, i know you do and you know i do too. I’m not asking you to wear your shiniest armour and save me, all i ask is that whenever you dmit it to yourself, Don’t try to start a fire and don’t change anything”.

“The fire has already started burning, but things can never change between us”. He continued “Don’t you get it? You don’t need to be saved, you did that ages ago”.

“Okay, we’re still in the friendzone, right?” She asked with her very full eyebrows raised.

“Yes of course, God! I can’t imagine being all gooey, gross” Jay laughed.

“Good, more cigarettes please?” She whined and threw a small rock into the pond.

Maryam Atoyebi is an elliptic Yoruba woman. She loves travelling, arts and she eats her Chicken sharwama in flat plate. She blogs at and follow her on Instagram @malikah_maryam

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