Aspirant for the 2019 presidential election,

While speaking during an interview with Starr Radio UK on Saturday, June 16, 2018, Durotoye said he'll rely on Nigeria's 180 million-strong population to be his own cabal to overthrow the country's failing political class who rely on shadowy cabals and godfathers that don't have the interest of the people at heart.

According to him, Nigeria's problems are complicated by the ruling class who deliberately fail to fix important issues because they benefit from the failure Nigerians complain about. He said any politician that takes money or support from such cabals will not faithfully execute their duties and cater to the people.

He said, "There is no problem that Nigeria is facing that has not been solved all over the world. There is no complex problem to Nigeria. It is complex people, complicated people in positions of authority that have complicated things.

"Everybody in the world has constant (electrical) power. Even Cotonou, Togo, Ghana. it's not something that is so hard for us to do but when the people who sell diesel are the ones who fund people's campaigns, then you know that you cannot have power because the people who sell diesel will not make money and if they don't make money, they won't put their money towards anybody's campaign.

"So, if you go and take money from the people who sell diesel, you should know that you're already saying we'll not have power. It's that simple.

"We're not taking money from anybody, no cabal. Our cabal is going to be the largest cabal ever. 180 million people who will contribute their N1000, N2000, N500 to make this work because if you take money from the big cabal, you'll be owing them and they'll hold you by the throat."

The leadership expert also pledged to work with other aspirants, when the need arises, to overthrow Nigeria's current political class that has kept it poor and ineffective with inadequate governance.

Durotoye's 10-point plan for Nigeria

In a 10-point agenda document he released on May 29, 2018, Durotoye noted that if he's elected president at next year's polls, he'll focus on power, security, education, healthcare, infrastructure, business and industries, the economy, enforcing the rule of law, creating jobs and reducing the cost of living.

He vowed to create three million jobs for each year of his administration and reduce the country's unemployment rate.

He also promised to make Nigeria the number one destination for investors in Africa by creating an enabling environment for locally-owned businesses and foreign investors to thrive and maximise profits.

He further assured Nigerians that he'll degrade, dismantle, and defeat terrorist group, Boko Haram, with human intelligence and return internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their homes or reabsorb them into a reconstructed community and 'safe cities'.

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Durotoye will contest for the presidency in next year's election on the platform of the Alliance for a New Nigeria (ANN). He'll have to beat Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese and Dr Elishama Ideh to emerge the party's flag bearer to be able to face incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari and a host of other contenders.