Who doesn’t want to look good?


Although not all ladies and men want an extraordinary style but to be classic from the hair we do, jewelleries we put on, clothes we wear, bags we carry, shoes or Sandals or Slippers we put on is what we always want, to be different and unique in our styles.

It’s not until everyone go into fashion designing or having boutique that we can get what we want but having the sense of style, knowing what you want to wear, what befits the body, what we want in our wardrobes.

I know women especially have the problem of not knowing what to wear in every occasion despite having their wardrobes full of clothes, it’s the spirit of wanting to look different and Classic.

Fashion and Style has been in existence since the evolution of mankind when men and women decided to cover their nakedness with styles.

The funny thing about fashion is that it is evolutionary, what was the famous and Classic style in the early years and went into extinction has revolve and now the famous style now in the 2000’s.

Fashion dictates who we are, what we want.

The first thing we see in a person when he or she appears is the cloth before accessories or the hair do or the footwear which gives us the impression of who he or she is.

Fashion and Style give the saying that “a person is addressed the way she is dressed”.

I have so much respect for what I wear, what people see on me, what I represent.

Written by Raji Kehinde Rhamat.

Raji Kehinde Ramat is from Oyo State and a graduate of The University of Ibadan.