Rapper Falz has voiced out his opinion on musicians that encourage crime and fraudulent practices.

The 'Soft work' rapper went on to advise that as role models, artists should use their music as tool to affect lives positively.

"You are an entertainer  in a position as a role model to younger ones coming up and in your musical record you are greeting all the yahoo boys, you are greeting all the  fraudsters , calling their name personally, hailing them, wire wire mo fe cha che, all this culture you are making the young ones think it's cool to do it, it's not, you are destroying our future," the rapper said.

The bahd guy  continuing his speech on HipTV as he advocates for using the music to build up and move people's life forward,  stressing that entertainers should not glorify fraudulent behaviour.

" As an entertainer sing about something that can help our life, paint a picture, tell a story, don't glorify fraudulent behaviour it's not good."

Falz may be hinting at 9ice  judging by the  content of  the singer's lyrics in  song 'Living things'.