Talent manager,

Godwin Tom has worked with a number of top talents in his 10 year career as an artist manager including MI Abaga, Waje, Wande Coal, Wizkid and Davido.

He recently stopped by the Pulse Office, where he shared an experience on how a fan stalked Wizkid during their time working together.

''We had a show in 2012 in Dubai with Wizkid'', he recounts.

''It was at a club in Dubai, when we finished, they first of all chased us around, we manoeuvred, then there was a guy who caught up with us, almost broke Wizkid's shoulder, just trying to take a picture.

So we get in the car, and we left the place, our hotel was literally like 15-20minutes away from the club, so we left.

This entire time there was a young lady that had been following us,  I was talking to the driver and off the rear view mirror, I see someone run past, so I panicked, turned around and I see her hugging Wizkid and he was really nice to her, I had to literally detach her from him.

She had followed us all the way, so I finally got a chance to take him off her, but she wanted to follow him and I am downstairs talking to her, but she kept pleading that she just wants to spend some time with him.

So I told her that we had to be on an 8 am flight in the morning. At the time, clubs in Dubai closed by three, so I told her he had like two hours to sleep before we start heading to the airport, she kept insisting that she will just sit by the bed, she won't bother him.

She was still begging, kneeling down, she kept saying, 'my friends will laugh at me', so I leave her and tell security that she can't come in and I get a call at seven in the morning, that she was still there, downstairs at the hotel, she had stayed there all night, that was shocking.'' he shared.

Godwin Tom speaks on why he identifies as a feminist

There is a strong wave of feminism currently holding sway, especially with online conversations as more women continue to have their voice heard, and Godwin Tom has stated that based off his experiences, he associates boldly with the wave.

''I've faced the most challenge working with female talents, because a lot of the time, we live in a very imbalance society.

There are some things I can go pitch for a male artist and I go pitch the same thing for a female artist, and the only thing the person is asking me is when is your artist available for lunch?

I have had people reach out to me to say, my boss will like to have dinner with your artist, how much will she charge for that, but you won't come.

I have been lucky that I have worked with people who have not compromised, some of them paid for it dearly, but the reality is they have been better off over time. Consistency has helped them, body of work have helped them, and over time people have just agreed that this person is here to stay and this is the kind of person that they are and they have been left alone.

Personally, I say to people I am a feminist, but it is mainly because of things I have seen happen, so when I say things like I believe that women should be given equal opportunities and equal rights, it is based on what I have seen and had to deal with.'' he states

Godwin Tom also spoke on his 10 years a learner campaign as well as his experiences working with MI Abaga and other artists.