Welcome to a milestone installment of 'Who Get Ear,' Pulse's flagship act for upcoming acts in the Nigerian music industry. This feature has been on for two years and Pulse Nigeria is proud to say it has been spotlighting some of the best songs and acts in the Nigerian underground for two years.

This is the 100th installment of this beautiful feature listicle. This week, we return with some one of the best packages we've had on this program. To commemorate this milestone, Pulse Nigeria will now take this weekly listicle to streaming platforms, Audiomack and Apple Music.

Weekly acts will also get a spotlight on Pulse Nigeria's Instagram Page. The pick of the week will also get a 30 second spin on Pulse Nigeria's Instagram stories. This week, we feature Zilla Oaks, Dwayne Momodu, MOJO, Illgod, Sheyi, DOTTI and more.

Last week, featured Idris Lawal, De PartyAnimals, Faem and more.

Pick of the week: DOTTI - Bilisi

Moment of the week: Hook on 'Bilisi' by DOTTI

DOTTI - Bilisi

Off his EP, Songs In Isolation is this beautiful folk number about the unsavoury parts of life - struggles, depression and strife - inspired by the upheaval around COVID-19. With a hook that highlights the power of God, Dotti prays to God in Yoruba with a voice drenched in pain to deliver his power from bad occurrences.

BizzOnTheTrack - Kpa

On Bisi Kuti [Deluxe], his fifth body of work in just under three years, BizzOnTheTrack dreams aloud for his friends and himself.

Sheyi - Stronger

In the thick of the problems confronting the world, a Nigerian based in London delivers words of encouragement to the world regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. With a wide-ranging soprano similar to Skunk Anansie lead, Skin's, Sheyi shines on a sentimental ballad.

Illgod & Xplain D Don featuring Timi Kei - Verbs and Pronouns

Off Incipit Vita Nova their collaborative 10-track album, Illgod and Xplain D Don feature ace Port Harcourt rapper, Timi Kei on a tale of self-pride and subtle braggadocio.

MOJO - Chiwawa

Talented Nigerian rapper and the maker of 2018's buzz-worthy single, 'Chop Life Crew' is back with his new single titled, 'Chiwawa' - a twisted way of saying, 'Chihuahua,' the dog breed.

Nigel The Rebel - LANDR

Abuja-based rapper, Nigel The Rebel takes his characteristically experimental sound into the realms of rap-suited-Afro-pop as he celebrates his own ability.

Dwayne Momodu - Sinzu Rhythm

From the staple of Abuja-based music producer is this voiceless beat for you to lose your mind. If you will use it, please contact him.

Zilla Oaks featuring Dremo and Prettyboy D-O - Ogini

In Igbo, 'Ogini' means 'What is the matter?' But forget that for a minute and focus on the hook and beat on this monstrous sound.

Phaemous - How You Gon Listen To This Voice and Not Trip

Ladies and gentlemen, that title might be vanity, braggadocio, self-obsession and narcisissm rolled in one, but the music is too good. It's an Afro&B track that aptly documents the talking stage.

Bolu Ajibade featuring Buju - Old Soldier

The mixing of this song might have deserved a little more, but the song is still good enough to make this list.