Music collective, WeTalkSound have released its latest album, LOFN 2. 

This tape is the sequel to the earlier released, ''LOFN 1'' which was released on this day last year leading to the creation of the community.

WeTalkSound is a music community and creative services platform having over a thousand members across Nigeria and beyond.

LOFN 2 Tracklist [WeTalkSound]

LOFN 2 is a collaborative album of love songs told from various perspectives and on a wide range of sounds. The album is a collection of love stories by 50 creatives, poets and other WTS affiliates.

It features some of the most exciting (young) artists across the country (Teckzilla, Vader, Eri Ife, Mo'believe, Dwin The Stoic, SoulBlacksheep and others).

The proceeds from LOFN 2 will be donated to two selected charities, Mirabel Centre and The Dorcas Cancer Foundation, both based in Lagos, ''50% to each,” according to the Dolapo Amusat, the convener of the community.

You can buy LOFN2 HERE