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DJ Cuppy For a woke generation, we have been bullying the artist

It's so bad that we don't even realize.

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We care woke, against bullying, be we bully DJ Cuppy play

DJ Cuppy, the object of consistent bullying from Nigerians on social media


As I’ve noted over and again, social media and the internet have created positives through abridging the concept of information dissemination.

Social media also birthed accessibility to celebrities and people we would have only perennially read about through newspapers in the 90s — the obscure has now become popular.

The power celebrity has also been boosted, but so has the pressure to live and act a certain way.

Asides the hardened parcel of political correctness mussels that make or mar careers, there’s the concept of not irking social media people to come ‘on your case’ or ‘drag you.’

There’s a problem. Our generation prides itself on an in-tribe woke reality where bad behavior is shamed on popular topics like bigotry on LGBTQ+, racism, bullying or gender discrimination.


Just last year, a video of young Keaton Jones ranting about bullies to his mother went viral and the boy became an overnight celebrity, attending events with major celebrities and getting invites from hundreds more.

We pride ourselves on the hypocrisy of positive energy, especially when it’s premised on political correctness or against people we commonly dislike.

When it, however, comes to people we commonly like, we tend to walk eggshells towards violating our own commonly obtained core principles.

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The 'Bully Cuppy Parade'


We say we are anti-bullying, but we have been collectively bullying Florence Otedola A.K.A DJ Cuppy and we have been enjoying it. The hypocrisy of the entire idea, from a people that preach positivity like mended preachers of forced gospel, is incredibly befuddling.

As I write this article, she is the top trending topic in Nigeria, for no reason than comments from trolls and internet bullies.


Whatever Cuppy does on her Twitter, she gets dragged. It’s almost like people feel entitled to her life more than she should enjoy it. If she posts a picture of herself with a beautiful car, she gets dragged. If she celebrates her country, dragged. She posts her new song, dragged. She posts a picture of herself, dragged.


Even worse, she once posted a picture of her agbalumo on her own, jejely, Nigerians still dragged her. It’s almost like she’s a human sacrifice from the perpetually angry majority, who hate her background.


Some of the comments have moved beyond political belligerence towards emotional terrorism and insurgency.

It’s like a daily assault in her mentions, barraged by queasy mockery, to an aggressive point on how to live her life; to ad hominem, and even to bare mad criticism that makes no sense.

It’s like she is the scapegoat for us, the mekunu; It’s almost like people hate what she represents — privilege, which most people have no claim to.

Please, when did privilege become such a bad thing? Even when she made a valid, albeit wrongly toned message about not associating with feminism, she got dragged.

That girl could post that she is sick — God forbid — and an idiot will still say something of gargantuan stupidity. We are now like a carousel of madness, bottled up in sick agreement.

The only thing left is to march in French Quarter, New Orleans with a mariachi band, preaching our hypocrisy.

I don’t understand how we can be for positivity, yet, not do positivity. We preach to not bully people at our own convenience.

It’s even worse when we use people like Cuppy to get viral Tweets, to call ourselves influencers. It’s like the stupidity is contagious.

It’s crazy that we preach free speech and liberalism, yet we try to derogate upon people’s right to free speech. Are we now then fascist custodians of human rights?

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My generation is pathetic

The only thing we do is attack. Social media - especially Twitter has become a toxic environment where everyone feels entitled to something.

Everyone wants feels like the world should cater to them a certain way. Bro, the world doesn’t give two hoots about you, you either measure up or move on!

Go and get rich or stop attacking the people that are richer than you. The only thing we commonly agree on are sentimental opinions and when to attack people we hate.

Hate has now become a positive to canvass within ourselves. We even enjoy spreading the energy of hate in the comment section.

It’s made even more hilarious when you see neo-woke people, who preach liberalism equally engage in persecution via the bullying alley.


It seems there is now a narrative that whatever Cuppy does cannot be good. It is herd mentality, peddled by the typically gullible minds - fix up.

Why do we keep bullying Cuppy?

Granted, Cuppy isn’t without blame. I also agree, that though we all have a right to free speech, some opinions can be polarizing or even nonsensical.

That said, nobody has made anyone the sole custodian to rightness. You’re not God, get off your high horse.


We hate Cuppy because of what she represents. She’s the most accessible offspring of the top and ever obscure ‘one percent’ of the rich and wealthy in the Nigerian society.

The truth is, they have the life that the other 99 percent of our Nigerian society can only dream of. Due to the issue of backgrounds, our realities will be different.

Our perception of Nigeria will forever be different. Some know the struggle, others don’t.That is why we hat Cuppy. You can’t however place your expectations at the feet of others.

Especially, not when the concept of ‘insensitive’ has been warped as it has in the current day. There is a madness that we need to purge our souls of and it is called bias against rich people.

It is this same reason why we hear a Nigerian speak in a foreign accent and automatically think he or she is pretending or ‘forming.’

It is that same reason why we hate that rich cousin who comes to our house and claims he can’t eat eba or eat rice without chicken or large beef steak.

It’s why you hear that rich kid talk about his father’s cars and think he’s boasting when he’s just having a normal conversation per his reality.

We are so myopic in our gaze of life that we play victim any chance we get.

It’s like the 99 percent expect Cuppy to act like them and it’s not going to happen. She doesn’t think like us, or move like us or roll with people like us.

We need to accept that reality and wallow in it, if you’re going to cry about it, please cry. She is not like you and she wouldn’t even talk like you.

Cuppy can celebrate Nigeria because her reality is different. Could she have been a little more sensitive about it? Maybe, but she doesn’t owe you a thing, deal with it.

The talk of ‘it’s social media, you have to expect a backlash from angry people’ is simply not sufficient enough to avail your rude tendencies to bully people.

play Bullying has mental health repercussions, stop it! (Daily Times)


Even if she was bare wrong, is that a reason to keep bullying her on everything she tweets? It's been nine days since October One - Independence Day. Are your lives that sad? Do you realize the mental health repercussions of what you feel is bare jokes?

If we can consistently produce that level of negative energy, that should tell us a thing or two about our lives. It’s even so terrible we are not as smart as we think you are.

The only thing we are good at is lacking context, especially from people we don’t like or people who talk about other people like in ways we don’t like.

My heart weeps for my generation.

Cuppy has become stoic



We have succeeded in creating a bigger monster than we bargained for. Cuppy has grown a thick skin, dumping your negative energy on you. I can only hope it's real, because if it is not, people have battled trauma over bullying.

She is now posting anything she wants on social media. Yet, you’re still angry and trolling.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s fix up.

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