Here are 5 ways to Kill your music career…before it begins

A successful career in music is more like a maze, fitted with booby traps, targets, and puzzles that might ruin your run through, or prevent your big break from happening. To get it started, here are traps to avoid.

You have talent. You have connections. You have money. You are hardworking. You have good songs. You can make more good songs.

All of the above equals a steady foundation for a good music career. You are positioned right with the basic ingredients that can all add up to make you a great entertainer in this competitive industry. In a normal world, that is perfect. All things being equal, you are expected to get into the industry and shoot for the skies.

But a music career is not science. Everything never adds up to give the perfect career. In reality, a successful career in music is more like a maze, fitted with booby traps, targets, and puzzles that might ruin your run through, or prevent your big break from happening. Your inability to get this right means automatic death for your career, even before it takes off.

Here are 5 ways to kill your music career before it even gets wet behind the ears.

Pride is good. It gives you a certain air that makes you seem special, and coveys the world to you from a perspective of self-elevation. When you are a star, it can be forgiven. But as an unproven rookie in the music industry, you need to kiss ass.

It’s a tradition to kiss ass. Irrespective of how much money you throw at a problem to procure a solution, ass-kissing will make it smoother and faster. Proud people never kiss ass, and many times, they never even make it onto the radar.

Drop that rookie pride. Pick it up when you become a superstar. For now, kissing asses will be your second job.

I understand the concept of constant sex. We are all biologically wired to have multiple sex partners, but education, philosophy and STDs have made us put a hold on that natural inclination. As a young budding singer, women and men will swoon over you. You represent an ambitious celebrity, and as you constantly rise, you get more prospective lovers.

But this is deadly to your career. Lust clouds the senses and creates an imbalance that channels your energy into the acquisition of a good orgasm. Without the right checks, you get lost in the love and poisonous sex, and it slowly adulterates your drive to become successful. Keep a hold on your sex life, and you will be more likely to have a good career ticking.

Do you really need pink toilet papers to perform? Do you need your microphone to be all gold-plated and possessing shiny stones for you to discover your element? Do you need to get a certain amount of cologne on your skin to be able to make an appearance at an event?

Here’s the answer; you don’t!

Vanity appears at every turn in a music career. It is tempting and alluring. You want to be cool, and hip, you want to be known for that killer outfit. In its basic form, vanity is good. But sometimes it becomes an impediment to your growth as a singer, and that’s when you begin to fall…before you start.

Take things as they come. At this stage, all you need is just about enough to get by, record, publish and promote your music. You don’t need pink toilet paper at room temperature. Any colour will still wipe your ass clean.

Weed is awesome. It gives you a certain immeasurable amount of high that just gives the wind to your sails. But in your career, that high kills you. You don’t need substance abuse to get your act up and kicking. All you have to do is roll your sleeves and dig deep within to find your mojo.

Skunk weed, Codeine, Methamphetamine, and others have a way to become your little god. They slowly get into your system and make you dependent on them. When you do, then your concentration gets away from you, ushering you to the beginning of the end of your career.

Don’t do drugs kid!

The entertainment industry makes business personal. It is service and creative-based, so synergy and communication is key. For the most part, you get around to meeting more people than you can keep track of. Relationships are built and made firm, and the bond of friendship is fostered.

But many times, those bonds become detrimental to your career. For the most part, it is advisable to leave friendship out of the industry. Instead, strive to develop a working relationship of respect and mutual benefit. That way, everyone becomes a winner. Give favours, demand favours, but keep deep friendship out of the mix. Do everything out of a sense of love and business, but keep the emotions in check.


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