A great finger on the vinyl, DJ Mind D Gap pioneered this creative music mix idea at the wake of Covid-19 lockdown to celebrate and praise birthday celebrants.

He performs for those that engage his service, streaming live from his London studio to the celebrants in their homes anywhere in the world. Such celebrants can have closed family party and tune in live to DJ Mind D Gap who praise sings spinning to the vibes from his turn-table.

This creative entertaining idea is typical of the Owambe shows in Nigeria’s cultural praise-singing model where a live band praises and celebrates people at social gatherings like weddings, naming, house warming, and birthday ceremonies.

Entertainment and showbiz buffs are familiar with “MIND D GAP”. He is very popular in London underground and train stations. DJ MIND D GAP is a multiple-award winner who has won the biggest black entertainment award in the UK, BEFFTA and also a winner of the NEA UK awards. He is out again with something new and different in the entertainment industry making a personalised mix for people and singing their praise just like a fuji or juju artists, he even sings popular songs to back up popular songs he plays during the mix.

This is trending now in the UK, with a lot of people demanding for his service. DJ MIND D GAP plans to propagate this idea across the globe as the pioneer.

Press the play button below to watch some of his creativity:

UK Based Naija DJ introduces personalized DiscMix to London showbiz scene
UK Based Naija DJ introduces personalized DiscMix to London showbiz scene


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