In the year of 2009, one album defined the sound of pop music for a generation. The creator of the best selling disc known as was no stranger.

Two years earlier, he was the rookie whose performance on the compilation album '' established the Mo' Hits all stars team as the supreme music movement in the country.

We got a small dose of the chubby singer on that album. On his solo debut album we were joyously drunk on Wande Coal's syrupy flow and angelic voice.

'Mushin 2 Mo' Hits' transformed Wande Coal from a dusty dancer into a black star. Most importantly, his voice led to the re-transformation of pop music in Nigeria.

Backed by Don Jazzy's enchanting production, Wande Coal did the stuff legends by turning Nigerian music on its head.

He made cars rock, made asses rump, and turned Nigerian into one karaoke club with his songs being slammed from almost every music device.

Six years after the historic release of his first album, the album still sounds outstanding. 'You Bad' featuring D'banj can easily fit into the twerk fest and craze this is hot right now.

'Taboo', the trance like Naija pop sound still has the potency to keep any party moving. On this track Wande flaunts his high-pitched voice without losing the Naija essence of the jam.

Wande's lines flow so easily, almost betraying the seriousness of the lyrics. It's far from the cheesy rhymes structures we hear from Nigerian pop stars today.

With the melodic factor so high on the project, the songs float straight to your ears.

Charming and mannered, Wande Coals begs to kiss his lady's hand on the knocking 'Kiss Your Hands', the emotion of his desire leading to a falsetto of almost MJ standards. Don't let the gentle nature of Wande Coal fool you, the song is a scorcher increased by Ikechukwu's rapid verse.

While today's pop stars are flashy, materialistic and narcissistic, Wande is man enough to bare his love scars on the heartbreak themed pop ballad 'Now It's All Gone'.

While highlighting the greatness of the album, let's not forget the menacing 'Who Born The Maga' where Wande stretches his voice paper thin before kicking biblical warning that you cannot stop his destiny to be the messiah of pop music in Nigeria.

The movement from hero to zero is adequately touched on the quasi-gospel 'Se Ope', and  the uplifting 'Jehovah'.

Despite the glorious points on the album, Mushin 2 Mo' Hits won't be complete without arguably the best R&B track of the last decade 'Ololufe'.

This was Wande Coal's debut single, and it showcased his default setting as a melodic R&B singer.The song is still regarded as Wande's best track.

While it is still absurd that we are waiting on Wande's second album, his shining debut is album is an influential, great, classic and transformative body of work that is the building block of our pop music in Nigeria. It is the clear blueprint, and the arguably the greatest vocal pop album of our generation.

Rating - 4.5 out of 5.





3-Worth Checking Out


4-Smoking Hot