On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, Nigerian superstars, MI and Vector released the official trailer of #TheConversation on their respective social media pages. It featured MI, Vector and DJ Jimmy Jatt. They were discussing Nigerian Hip-Hop and the infamous beef between MI and Vector that has spanned for over a decade.

The 30-second clip comes off the back of the impactful 2019 beef between MI and Vector. So, what could Hennessy be up to with that video? Pulse Nigeria has three guesses and they are;

1) Document Nigerian Hip-Hop for Hennessy Artistry?

In Nigeria, Hennessy has been that brand that has been associated with Hip-Hop for over 15 years.

Globally, it has been associated with Hip-Hop for over 30 years - if you remember the legendary Rakim, as well as Nas’s current collaboration with the brand. For a brand that is actively involved in Nigerian Hip-Hop, it could simply be trying to tell the Nigerian Hip-Hop story through the eyes of some of its current key players.

2) Document the beef between MI and Vector?

Throughout their 2019 beef, MI was vocal about his interest to work with Hennessy. Now with MI and Vector uniting to discuss the Nigerian Hip-Hop landscape while mending a beef that impacted the Hip-Hop landscape.

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Of course, this will be the most intriguing option. Bringing MI and Vector - two of Nigeria’s greatest rappers together - in one room would be a major game-changer.

Is this likely? Nothing is impossible, but we will all have to wait and see. September 15, plis come quick, dear.

3) All the above-mentioned options

This will be the most tantalizing option yet.

We will be following @HennessyNigeria on YouTube and Facebook to find out.

You should too!