Today talented Togolese and Nigerian singer and songwriter SNOW FLAKES is releasing his new epic single titled “Zango” which is available for download on all digital music sites. BwadMan is back!!

It has been an incredible year for the most trending newcommer of Togolese Afrobeats and Afrodancehall Music exports ‘Snow Flakes’ as he has grown his fan base on twitter, instagram, facebook, YouTube and other platforms as well as a fast growth in the global music world.

And this has paid off immensely as he has now released an epic single “Zango”. Snow Flakes intend to represent a new Generation of african Music that will touch African as well as intercontinental audience with his unique vocals and vibes he is been known for.

Snow Flakes aka Bwad Man who has established himself as one of the true positive leaders and motivational artiste of his generation, is releasing now a his new single “Zango”, that again will show his diversity as an Artist that finds his Inspiration in two different West African cultures. His combined West African origin, incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought-after artistes in the business today. His first song and music video “Want Your Love” had a huge impact on fans and Medias and this earned him numerous recognitions all across the African Continent and abroad.

Togolese and Nigerian singer, Snow Flakes, releases new single "Zango"
Togolese and Nigerian singer, Snow Flakes, releases new single "Zango"

Having picked up numerous recognitions as one of the fastest rising artistes in the industry, the talented singer sets to break records with his new single “Zango” a fully embellished production with high quality lyrics, captivating flow and sound. The single and the official music video will make you understand Snow as an artiste with an own strong Vision and Ambition to open up a new chapter of West African Music.

Bwad Man earlier announced on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account about the release of his new single which is now available for download on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Boomplay and all other relevant platforms.

A musician with so much passion for music, Snow Flakes seeks to enlighten the world with his powerful song.

Togolese and Nigerian singer, Snow Flakes, releases new single "Zango"
Togolese and Nigerian singer, Snow Flakes, releases new single "Zango"

“Zango” portrays a catchy lyric with a delicious beat that will lead you right to the dance floor and put you on a cool comfort zone. This single is a plus to the much-needed playlists that has suffered in recent years with great vocals moment throughout.

With what has been heard so far, the new single is shaping up brilliantly rather than attention grab or mainstream pull. Snow Flakes seemed to have put both, his Nigerian and Togolese Influences, into creating the epic single “Zango”, with catchy hooks, artistic lyrical floating and great content, this single is a must listen from an artiste who seeks to create a positive impression in the minds of his listener. As long as he is breathing he will make the world love his music.

About Snow Flakes

Snow Flakes born Japhet Emeiwo (September 9, 1997) in Lomé-Tokoin (Togo) from a Nigerian father and Togolese mother is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Having grown up as the eldest of a family of four, Snow learned very early to be a responsible person and a role model for his two brothers and his sister. Growing up spending time in two different West African countries and talking English and French, Snow got influenced by many different musical vibes. So, he started making music when he was young and decided to become a professional music artist. He spent years of working in the underground and developed his skills in different styles. In the summer of 2018 Snow Flakes got signed by the music label GUN BY KATTA Productions. This deal officially launched his career for the following years. In the End of November All Music Awards Togo nominated Snow Flakes - Want Your Love for Best Music Video 2018. In summer 2019 fans and followers can expect the release of his Album. Coupled with drive and passion he is unstoppable.

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