Samzy was unknown to a lot of Nigerians until he released ‘Red Dot’ featuring Rema some weeks ago. But since then, he has slowly built his arsenal on the way to his EP, ‘Trendsetter.’

Part of that build-up was his ‘MVP Freestyle.’ Born in Nigeria and bred in Texas, US, Samzy’s EP is a show of his expansive range. The title-track is a Trap bop like ‘Red Dots’ with Rema. On ‘Trendsetter,’ Samzy boasts that, “[He’s] a trendsetter…” as he brags about the women in his life.

‘On Me’ is a Reggae Fusion record that sees Samzy sing about women once again. The Afro-pop ‘Da Remix’ is a mid-tempo party record that merges Latin influences with Afro-pop percussion. ‘Red Dots’ has more depth than anything he has on this EP as he introspectively discusses money, the power of time and more.

Samzy - Trendsetter. (Famemaker)
Samzy - Trendsetter. (Famemaker)

‘Dutty Love’ is also Samzy’s most assured love song - or performance about anything related to women.

There’s a passion in Samzy and he has talent, but he needs writers. He also needs an intense development phase to help chisel out the roughages in his delivery. When that is done, he should then release a slightly longer EP. For now, there’s not much to applaud or critique.

The music is neither poor nor exceptional, but there’s enough to take it slightly beyond average.

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6.5 - Victory