Earlier in the year, Rebelffse released 'Light Up,' an R&B record that adulates a woman's beauty and the love he has for her. He is a young Afro-fusion artists who is adept at working with sounds and excel on Afro-pop, Afro&B, Afro-fusion, Dancehall and Reggae. For comparison, he sounds like Prince Swanny and Burna Boy with a calmer voice.

On November 18, 2020, he released his EP, 'Rebel [The EP].'

'Summer' is an Reggae-Fusion record with electric guitar chords of a Synth Pop records. The topic is akin to what Rebelffse sang about on 'Light Up,' but his delivery sets the music apart. 'Adanne' is also a love Dancehall Fusion, Rebelffse is a loverboy who moves away from admiration into the realms of love.

Dancehall births 'Rewind,' which is the weakest song on this EP. But still, it is by no means a weak record. 'Story' resets the project with an Afro-pop beauty with warped out vocal loops of electronic music. This project excels on quality music production, rich in melodies and fused sounds.

That stage name should be changed though.

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Pulse Rating: /10

8.0 - Victory