Channel O Award winner, Ikechukwu ‘Killz’, has become the first ever Nigerian rap star to model on the runway for a fashion brand. The rapper headlined the just ended Lux Fashion Show in Lagos on Saturday, Nov 30 and he rocked in a Kinabuti winter/autumn collection among other professional models.

Killz, as he’s fondly called sculpted a typical African man in an overall zebra printed Kinabuti design and he seemed happy displaying the creation to the world, “It was a great pleasure to have everyone stirring at you just to see what you have on.” He told PulseTV, “It was a good feeling”.

The rapper took the stage to perform a string of his hottest hits including, ‘wine am well’, ‘hustle n wine’ and his most recently released ‘bala bala’ to the delight of the crowd and again, he donned a Kinabuti navy blue tee and pants with a touch of the ‘ankara’ local fabric from Vlisco Textiles.

“Watching the Nigerian musician singing the local song and wearing an African dress was really cool. I think that was it for me.” Mike [a guest] confessed to PulseTV.

Killz got the female crowd screaming when he showed up on the runway with part of his admirable abs exposed in a colorful Kinabuti piece. “I just thought that was his best look ever”, a model, Lina told us. Meanwhile Killz confessed, “It was a crazy feeling. I just kept calm and allowed the show to go on”.

Well, he’s made history and we love him for that.