Mixtape - Last Time UnderArtiste - BlaqbonezGuests - Falz, Jweezy, Kylie B, GlorychildRecord Label - Indie (2017)Duration- 68 minutes

Blaqbonez before dropping this project had already shown signs and flashes of brilliance as a gifted emcee, with his effort in the Hennessy Cypher Session 2016, dropping bars and punchlines alongside Vector, Dremo, AO and Obadice.

He also came through with the release of  ‘Rambo’ and ‘Rambo’ remix featuring Vector, Dremo alongside “A Day’s Work” EP in 2016. That EP, Blaqbonez said produced 6 tracks under 24 hours, showing just how much of a force he is.

2017 is here, and Blaqbonez comes through with more fire, venom and wit in ‘’Last Time Under-  The Prelude” mixtape.

Housing 17 tracks, the rapper starts off the mixtape praising his woman, letting listeners know the feeling is mutual in ‘Introduce you’.

In ‘The Future’ and ‘Not many’  Blaqbonez boldly declares himself as the the force to reckon with in the game.

‘OAU’ sees him grind on the importance of getting that education even if he was heading for an unconventional music career in Hip-Hop.

‘Superman’ track’ has got that wavy Trap feel,  Blaqbonez drops off some wordplay here  “ She know I go  hammer, my baby call me MC hammer but she touch this yeah.”

“They told me I’m a sell-out but I didn’t buy it,” Blaqbonez throws a punchline in ‘Ammonshine’ featuring Jweezy.  Blaq believes in his abilities and putting in work, but also recognizes that greatness takes time and makes it known.

On ‘Gangster shit,’ Blaqbonez goes on a roll on this track, keeping it real, not down for all that fake life.

In ‘G girl’  featuring Falz, ‘Uber’, ‘No English’, the Hip-hop cat dishes out his adventures with women, which some brothers can relate to.

With ‘Brother’ Blaqbonez goes on an emotional outburst, sticking it out to those that overlooked him while on his way up, as he calls out rappers like Dremo and Ycee, expressing his bitterness at them for being fake friends, leaving him behind while they both have gone up the ranks.

‘Levels’ also has that gives off that same vibe, Blaqbonez taking shots at ‘lame’ rappers.

The naughty track ‘Power rangers’ featuring Kylie B and Glorychild as well as ‘Blessing’ celebrates Trap music at its finest.

‘Last time’ which depicts the theme of the project sees Blaqbonez certify that he is in it to win, talking about dominating the rap and Hip-Hop game and is not looking back.

On the last track, he covers the trendy ‘IF’ jam by Davido. Featuring Kylie B and Glorychild, Blaqbonez kills it rightly.

Blaqbonez shows growth and progression as a rapper; his raw talent and flair for wordplay impressive.

He is probably the next big thing in the Trap-fusion Hip-Hop game, having clearly imbibed that part of the genre from the Western world, though he fails to be coherent with the expressions at some instances.

Blaqbonez makes a resounding statement in “The Last Time Under” of his calibre as a Hip-Hop rap genius, who will not be taking a piss anymore from anyone.

He will no longer be an underdog he assures with this tape and justifying that mantra he does so well.

Certainly, Blaq doesn’t deserve to be on 'the sidelines' of Hip-Hop greats with his effort on this project. No going back ‘under’ for Blaqbonez.

Listen to "Last Time Under" on Soundcloud.

Rating 4/5.

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