So, the award winning rapper dropped his EP 'Trash Can' a couple of hours ago. Pulse Music gives you a track by track review of the body of work.

1. Confess (produced by City Monstar) - This is a sweet opener for the project. "I must confess say you the best. I must confess say you be everything o. I must confess say you the hardest" sings Ice Prince on the hook.

It highlights one of Ice Prince's best traits as an artiste, creating good hooks. It's a mix between rap and patois flows.

2. Marry You (produced by Drey Beatz) - Ice Prince gets his crooner on as he declares that he wants to marry his new love interest. This is standard Ice Prince pop production, nothing out of the box. On the track he blends it with a rap-sing flow. The hook isn't quite sharp on this one.

3. Nobody (produced by TMXO) - This is the first proper rap track on  the EP. Over a trap beat, Ice Prince takes shots at his adversaries material acquistions. "Nobody gives a f^ck about your whip/nobody gives a fu^k about your chain/nobody gives a f^ck about the pictures y'all be posting on the internet- y'all niggas look the same/nobody gives a f^ck about your chick" raps Ice Prince menancingly. He then blends it with his patent Zamani flow.

4. Mutumina (produced by TMXO) - The instrumental by TMXO is a blend of a Hip Hop baseline, and an Arabic melody on the top. This helps the EP move on with an even pace. This kind of innovation and creativity was missing on his last project. Ice Prince brings trap rap to the cut, and makes it a must listen.

5. Elegushi feat. Joules Da Kid (produced by T'Sleek) - This is by far the best track on the EP. Smooth as 'Hennessy and ice' the song features upcoming rapper Joules Da Kid who delivers an effortless verse. It's a sweet slow track from Ice Prince. Flexing his versatility he sings on the track making the song best suited for early morning play.

6. One Day (produced by TMXO) - Despite possessing a lovely beat, it is the weakest song the project. Ice Prince's subject matter would have been better suited for an introspective beat. The TMXO instrumental feels like a low key party song. The song feels odd.

Conclusion - Despite initial fears, Trash Can EP shows Ice Prince at his versatile best. Some tracks off the album shows that he is a guru at crafting songs that stick on you.