Remy Baggins is a multi-skilled music creative with ears for good sound.

You’d find this readily in the song he produced for Jinmi  Abduls - Tinuke Eko, one of my favourite songs of 2016.

Fair enough, Remy not only produces for other artists, but doubles up as an artist himself, and has put this into practice as he experiments with finding his sound on his debut project titled “VIV” in 2016.

Interestingly he doesn’t stay boxed in one musical genre, doing well with Trap music and good old R&B, attesting to his versatility.

Coming out with an EP titled “ eigengrau”, a 6-track playlist, Remy lets out his emotions and insecurities centered around the love he has got for a woman.

“eigengrau”, pronounced /ai-geen-graoo/ is the dark grey colour seen in total darkness by the eyes as a result of signals from the optic nerves.

Remy relates the term to him being in a dark place, crippled by depression for months...which he decided to battle with music. “I turned my depressing thoughts into sounds so sweet, you'll forget the sad contents,” he wrote.

He gets off right with it on a slow tempo introductory ‘Tell me’.

In ‘Why’ and ‘Paranoid’, he shares his fears and insecurities as a man truly in love with a lady on well accompanied instrumentals.

The ingenious use of guitar strings on the track brings such great melody to the hearing.

‘Maybe’ is more upbeat as Remy decides to take a shot at being happy amidst all the cares and worries from relationships and life. It’s infectious feel good music all the way.

Remy expresses his versatile skills on the Alternative Hip Hop Trap beat heard in ‘Stay woke’, and does it impressively well.

This ushers the ‘Trippy ass outro’ where Remy wants the demons in his head out, all with the  aim of staying depression-free and letting some joy in.

It’s indeed a Trippy outro with the ‘’sick’’ instrumental and vocals laced on by Remy, as you envision him attempting to let go of his inhibitions.

Remy shows off in style his awesome production talent and artistic vocal prowess on each and every track. He is one act that cannot be ignored.

“Eigengrau” shows the power that lies in music, turning a negative circumstance to a positive one.

Remy Baggins uses the spirit of music to set aside his state of depression on this EP and it is beautiful.

Check out the project here.