Artist - Muyiwa AkhigbeEP - Dear MusicFeatures: Davina Oriakhi, TofaProducers: Mide, Nonso AmadiLabel: Olma Records (2016)

Muyiwa of Olma Records is true to his music, singing from his heart the music that ministers to your soul.

He not only makes good music but doubles as a fine graphics designer. Muyiwa is here to push good music to you, and one that will not be bound by time.

A pleasurable voice by Davina Oriakhi ushers us into the project with welcome background chants, expressing what the EP embodies which is freedom to make music as it comes naturally and freedom in every sense of it as it should feel like.

Muyiwa sings about living right, making the right choices, and applying right the values of life.

He serves as yet another voice using storytelling to guide you into the light, and employs good music producers to deliver his message.

He warns of dishonest friends in ‘Wura’ like he is speaking heart to heart with his daughter or son.

‘Rara’ featuring Tofa dwells on love gone sour, an Afro-R&B Soul type of music to bring some healing to the appropriate listener. Nonso Amadi ‘finished work’ on this one.

Muyiwa obviously connected with a lot as seen in this outro as told by loved ones - from OAPs, fellow artists and more. It’s touching.

‘’Dear Music’’ tells of Muyiwa as one who’s comfortable in his skin with regards to the music, and also using his vocal gift as a tool to put many back on track as to living life better, sharing what seems to be from personal as well as third-party situational examples.

It’s a well solid effort of an EP from the gentleman singer and his fine team of featured artists and producers.

Listen in on Soundcloud.