Yemi Alade is a powerhouse singer. Her vocals mirror her physical frame, heavy but gentle, beautiful and strong. After dropping the runaway hit 'Johnny', the sexy singer drops her debut album boldly titled 'King Of Queens'. The title already hints at her plans of trying to dominate the female music scene.

In order to achieve this, she takes a shot at various genres of music to prove that she is a capable all rounder. The album doesn't have a core theme, so its best the album is judged for its track by track value, and later evaluating their effectiveness as the sum of a whole.

After 'Johnny' opens the body of work work, Yemi Alade surprisingly drops a Reggae track titled 'Why'. Early on she is already showing off her versatility. 'Why' is an impressive slow tempo track peppered with pidgin English flavour. "Don't go far from me. Baby come back to me" sweetly sings Yemi Alade on the Reggae cut.

It's a local Naija pop groove on 'Pose' featuring R2Bees. Littering the song with her 'Ayakata!' catchphrase, Yemi Alade has a potential hit on her hands. Naturally her dynamic personality effortlessly finds its way on a song of this nature. She has found a way to infuse her personality into her songs which is a plus for her on this 'bubbly' instrumental.

The thing about this album is its unpredictability. Yemi Alade switches genres faster than a playboy changing babes. Luckily this isn't a flaw because the songs are top quality. The next track 'Durotimi' is an R&B track with a pop undertone that has Yemi Alade begging her lover to stay with her. 'Don't you know you are all I've got" pleads the singer on this Sizzle Pro song that showcases her voice with its high pitches.

'Catch You' is a lustful, late night R&B joint for who have naughty thoughts about their crushes, but don't have the courage to follow through with their inappropriate thoughts. The song drips of sex pheromones and carnal desire. Yemi Alade drops a loose rap towards the end of the song creating a sexual rhythm on the song.

She brings out her b-boy persona on the stumping Hip Hop influenced King Of Queens Interlude. "You know I am the king, I am the boss. Yeah I said it I am the boss" confidently says the singer trying to lay claim to her throne. The krumping inspired song further showcases her verstaility.

A reincarnation of 'Johnny' surfaces on 'Money'. There are a lot of similarities between both tracks but 'Money' still possesses enough unique identity to be a hit of its own if promoted. It's a Northern affair on 'I Like' where Yemi displays her almost virginal voice on the El Emcee produced song. Phyno does his thing on 'Taking Over Me' while 'Sugar' is an electro Naija pop track aimed at the dance floor. Yemi Alade has mastered the act of creating these local pop tunes that the Nigerian music scene craves for over and over again. If its craving they want, then 'Sugar' is enough to sweeten their tongues for a good while.

Yemi Alade only features one female act on her LP. The petite singer Chidinma appears on 'Selense' another local pop concotion. At this point of the album Yemi looks like she is satisfied at keeping the album at this pace, fast beats with easy and alluring hooks. However on the next song Yemi considerably slows it down with an 80's ballad 'Fall In Love'. It is on this song that she can actually be a king at this singing gig. On 'Fall In Love' you are taken back to the era when slow love songs reigned supreme. It's a power ballad that divas define their careers with. As she questions how she has fallen for the unexpected person, she happily and surprisingly sings "it feels just like a dream to sit down here and say how it feels to fall in love so deep and yet so real. It's like a fairy tale to hear what I have to say" at the beginning of the first verse.

A strong contender for best song on the album is 'Temperature' featuring Dil. This track is another strong love song with more local flavour. This suggests that this track has huge penetrative potentials. The remainder of the album is filled with already released singles and bonus cuts.

Yemi Alade came out with a strong intent of reigning supreme. With the her first album, she shows that she is the royal highness at stamping her authority on so many genres. She is king at crafting local pop tracks and delivering slow love songs with a regal glow. On King Of Queens, Yemi Alade lays her musical kingdom on the map with beauty, sweetness, and confidence.

Rating- 3.5 out of 5.