EP: 3$UM

Artiste: Tolu

Producers: DJ Coublon, TK

Label: Alyhills Records (2016)

Duration: 9 minutes

The fine boy from Alyhills Records has done what many in the industry fail to understand is a good marketing concept to boost your resume – he has an EP.

From branding, to conceptualization, the singer scores great points here. Tolu made three songs, put them together, bind them by the name “3$um EP”, and let fly. Boom! He has a body of work in 2016, a smart move that appeals more to the business sense, before the content of the music.

On that score alone, he has done everything right. But content does matter, and we delve in with abandon.

Tolu uses his silky voice to good effect, as he chases pop records. Gone is his penchant for seeking out R&B melodies, before infusing it with often-neglible pop elemnents. Here, pop is the ground zero, and everything would have to fit into that genre. Love is still his bread and butter, as he opens up in the rather comical ‘Pretty Mama’. Here he employs the classic DJ Coublon-signature beat – a mid-tempo percussion-laden instrumentals, with highlife leanings. Things get immersive after the first chorus and verse, before bringing on ‘New Tinz’, another song which follows similar formula, but with the strength of his voice leading the way. Rhyming, balance, spaces and rattles are put to good effect.

The last member of the threesome has indigenous rapper CDQ assisting on the dancehall track. Love goes out the window as positive reinforcement takes centre stage, for what became a thumping club-friendly track. This is sure to be a single at some point.

With the quality of music matching the skill of branding put into the creation of this work out of nowhere and nothing, Tolu clicks the reset button on his career which has been filled with many lows, and few highs. Perhaps this will be the start of something good and sustainable. “3$UM” EP is a decent win for a man who could with more than he offers himself.

Ratings 3/5





3-Worth Checking Out


4-Smoking Hot