The musings of a 'Wildheart' called Miguel

‘Wildheart’ is a collection of funk groove, sonic sounds, sexiness, romance and hot passion.


Interstellar sounds, lyrics that make you want to fall in love and a mist of steaminess, Miguel presents this and more on his third studio album titled ‘Wildheart’.

The R&B singer had already given us a taste of what was coming before he released the album on 30 June, 2015. A couple of day before ‘Wildheart’ premiered, he released ‘…GoingToHell’, ‘Flesh’ and ‘Face the sun’ featuring Lenny Kravitz. Prior to this, he had already shared ‘Coffee’, ‘NWA’ and ‘Hollywood Dreams’ on his 3-track EP titled ‘Wild’ released in 2014.

In typical Miguel style, the musician drops a variety of sensuous music on his latest offering. Unlike his second album where there were no guest features, on this new album, he features Lenny Kravitz and Kurupt (of Tha Dogg Pound).

The album intro ‘A beautiful exit’ is a perfect introduction into the collection, it braces you for that rock and roll R&B that’s about to flow through. The shadowy sounds of the guitar strings are a fantastic teaser. On ‘Deal’, the Grammy-winning artist sets the tone with a psychedelic sound.

You know that fizzy reaction Peta Zetas and Pop Rocks have in your mouth? Well that’s the exact same thing ‘The valley’ does in your ears.

“I wanna taste your sweat, force my fingers in your mouth”, he sings. Miguel takes things up a notch with the lyrics of this audio porn. Heads up: This song is rated R. No jokes, he’s quite illustrative about love making on this.

Coffee’ and ‘Simple things’ both have that ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ sound. ‘Coffee’ song oozes absolute sexiness. It’s one of those songs that make you want to have that feeling of sharing those special moments with bae. Earlier this year the he released a remix of this as ‘Coffee (f*cking)’ featuring rapper Wale. This explicit version with the rapper doesn’t make the album though.

Remember what we said earlier about lyrics that make you want to fall in love? If you haven’t found bae yet, ‘Simple things’ will make you want to find Cupid himself and order him on a mission to find you love. The L.A. born artist lists the ‘Simple things’ he wants in a relationship on this tune.

“Smoke with me baby, lay with me baby, laugh with me baby, I just want the simple things. I just want you”, belts out the crooner.

‘Simple things’ is a smooth, easy romantic track. The bass on the song is live!!

It’s not just about electronic R&B, on ‘NWA’ featuring rapper Kurupt; the ‘Adorn’ crooner brings on that hip-hop “gangster lean”.

One has to be careful when singing along to Miguel’s songs, in most cases you’ll find yourself singing along without realizing the song is actually about something sexual. This happens with ‘Waves’. On this metaphorical up-tempo track it seems like he’s singing about the surfing on the ocean waves. Turns out he’s taking about making love to a chick.

Almost halfway through the album, the RCA records artist changes the subject with ‘What’s normal anyway’. The song with a social message is about staying true to ones self in spite of peer pressure and the pressures of society.

Miguel brings on a soft rock, R&B fusion on ‘...GoingToHell’. On this desire-themed song, he boasts about not caring where love takes him.

“These bittersweet notions of forever/Blossom and find me in my dreams/ If we should die, I hope we die together/ If not, at least I’ll know just where we’ll be.”

Miguel’s album is filled with great sound but there are a couple of songs on the album lacking that lyrical intensity, there are some that will leave you asking: “what is he talking about?” ‘Leaves’ is one of them.

‘Wildheart’ is a collection of funk groove, sonic sounds,sexiness, romance and hot passion.

Best songs: ‘Simple Things’, ‘The Valley’, ‘Coffee, ‘Waves’ and ‘.  . . Going to hell’.


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