Album - The Collectiv3 LP

Artiste - The Collectiv3

Producers- IKON, Kid Konnect

Duration - 32 minutes

A group of like-minded artistes have shown creative bravery and courage to create the ultimate album to remind everyone that artistry is the reason for the music.

The Collectiv3, a group of songwriters, singers, producers, performers, creatives, and facilitators have hit the scene. Eclectic and hippie as they come, the group consists of a number of familiar and talented people which include Temi Dollface, IKON, Funbi, Show Dem Camp (Ghost and Tec), Nsikak, Kid Konnect, and Poe.

These creatives, with all the abundant inspiration and conviction of how art should interact with the senses, rolled out this 9-track LP as the first project off their conveyor belt.

“The Collectiv3 LP” doesn’t get its influences from the prevalent pop sounds pervading the radio and all the popular music spaces. It comes from a place of originality. That place is pure, it is pristine and almost sacred.

You feel this deep primeval vibe as a religious chant ushers the work in, coupled with the opening clanging of the agogô on ‘Akintunde’. IKON and Temi Dollface are conscious as they dovetail on this song. Temi Dollface gives a stellar performance, and IKON shows his rap prowess.

The magic of the chanteuse Dollface is truly felt on her stand-alone tracks – ‘School your face’ and ‘Just like that’, as she gives away her signature genre Drama Soul. This she creates by fusing together seemingly disparate genres, informed by a love of the theatrical. Temi Dollface pulls from a wide range of sources, combining jazz chords with catchy pop hooks, and African percussion to create something that’s simultaneously fresh and timeless.

“The Collective LP” also serves as a showcase for artistes whose interpretation and expression of Africanism in music can be described as melodiously maverick. Funbi and Nsikan are these people. They have a tranquilising grip on music that can only be assimilated objectively. Funbi’s efforts are on ‘Forbidden’, Nsikak’s on ‘Happy Day’.

There’s also rap in this. A lot of rap actually. Poe, Tec, Ghost, IKON, and the featured Loose Kaynon, and M.anifest supply this, catering to more vocal aspects of music as a spoken art. The cautious ‘Shey bai’, the furious ‘Sexy B%$ch’, and the fundamentally eclectic ‘Judgement’ are as rousing as they are entertaining.

“The Collective LP” stands as a creative blueprint, which makes artistry the endgame of music. It is a stimulating competition which pitches musos vs the mavericks, the perfectionists vs the dreamers. It is intricate and intellectually poised, woozy and enthralling. It is art, made for itself, to connect, inspire, stimulate, and challenge.

Nigeria ought to aspire to this album.

Rating: 4.0

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