Album -Love To A MortalArtist - Davina OriakhiProducers - Damilola Ayeni, Mfonobong Inyang, Gabriel RyderRecord Label - Indie (2017)Duration: 26 minutes

Davina, a UK-based Nigerian poet, singer and songwriter has released her debut album titled “Love To A Mortal”.

Davina on the album sings of  succumbing to temptations of lust, something we can all relate to. She is not afraid to use her music to let out this reality which is meant to minister to the listener as a lesson.

Oriakhi connects this to God and spirituality and talks about how she felt abandoned by God after yielding to the temptation she speaks of.

Spoken word and poetry is very much present on the album, as Davina weaves those words wittily to describe her regret for guilty pleasures.

But in all these, Davina knows there is a place for redemption and forgiveness, which she embraces, accepting and loving herself back, determined to fight the good fight of faith as she has learnt from her studying the word of God.

Davina worked with very amazing team of producers and sound engineers that brought to life this remarkable project.

All the fine elements of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and R&B are infused beautifully into the album which was recorded in London, UK.

Davina Oriakhi's "Love To A Mortal" is realistically honest and refreshingly brilliant. You couldn’t ask for more.

Rating: 4.5/5


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Listen to "Love To A Mortal" on Soundcloud.