Not a lot of women in hip hop but Sophie is keen on showing she can break the bias

May 25th 2022, 2:08:39 pm

Not a lot of women in hip hop music space despite the fact stat shows women are part of hip-hop music as much as their male counterparts.

Not a lot of women in hip hop but Sophie is keen on showing she can break the bias

However, despite these great tread, women are often consistently left out of the space when it comes to ranking in this genre, which balls down to lack of consistency as one of the challenges cutting out their prowess in the game.

Historically, it also appears that men listen to rap music more than women, which may have an impact on the way they view the genre. '

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Notwithstanding, Sophiegrophy who Is an Australian based, Nigerian born hiphop star who rise high in numbers across streams on digital platforms (Thanks to incredible projects and the skills to boot) in defiance of the difficulties storming the gender limit in hiphop music in Nigeria, is keen on showing she can break the norms restricting the stardom breakout of majority females in hiphop music.

Over the years, Sophiegrophy has proof to understand the situation spawning this space although in the past years, a cadre of females have fought their way to the head of the hip-hop class which stands as a positive lead in breaking this bias.

Sophiegrophy has put in lots of effort in the past, dropping couple of amazing projects to appeal the hip hop audience (Crazy life, Drehpehs and many others).

Recently, Sophie and her team are ready to set the bar up so high in other to break the gender norms in hiphop music, therefore she decided to drop her first official single of the year off her forthcoming Ep .


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