Artist: Sikiru Adepoju and The Riddim Doctors

Album Title: Ope [Gratitude]

Genre: Folk, Alternative, Quiet Storm, World Music

Date of Release: September 25, 2020

Producers: Femi Ojetunde and Sikiru Adepoju [Tracks 1,2,3,4,8 and 9] Paul Tao El- Shaddai and Sikiru Adepoju [Track 6] Dave Schools, Oz Ezzeldin and Peter Fujii. O seun [Tracks: 5 and 7]

Album Art:

Sikiru Adepoju: Nigeria's only Grammy Award-winner yet. [Pulse Nigeria)
Sikiru Adepoju: Nigeria's only Grammy Award-winner yet. [Pulse Nigeria)

Length: 9 songs, 48 minutes

Tracklist: TBD

Details/Takeaway: Here is a breakdown of songs from the album;

1. Ajaja (I am The Spirit)

'Ajaja' is, “The one Spirit, that rules The Universe!” The, *I Am That I Am* Spirit, of all who gather to celebrate Life for a common good! The Song also pays homage to our ancestors’ ever-living spirits - in joyful remembrance of their contributions and presence at all times.

The careful blend of percussion and musical Instruments {including the Kalimba/Thumb Piano} produces heart-warming, mellow music to lift the Spirit of the Listener.

2. Goin’ Somewhere

Zakir (Tablas) and Sikiru (Dundun) spontaneously laid the foundation (on the second take) for Giovanni (Congas) to creatively finish in one take, leading to the construction of this living drum-machine taking -off unfettered, into the 21st century.

Keyboards and Steeldrum color this speedy musical vehicle, belching thunder, stirred up by Lightning Hands!

3. Dide Afrika (Wake Up Afrika)

The Artists present a blend of Percussion and Vocals in rich, gorgeous tones. The steeldrum, dundun (Talking Drums), tasty Keyboards and sweet guitar, create a delightful atmosphere for the listener.

The vibrant gong and the steady, significant ticking of the agogo (bell), alerts us to the fact that, now is the Time, for Africa’s joyous full-awakening .

4. Idaji (Sunrise)

'Idaji' is Yoruba for early morning.

The listener can enjoy expertly knit, sonorous and harmonious Sounds. There is no voice overlay in this number, but that of percussive instruments, synthesizers, drums, sweet- guitar and the gong. These are joyful, danceable Sounds, which portray a sunrise of happiness.

5. I’ll Take You There

In this Dawning, 'golden-age,' more people, (planetwide), are awakening and embracing The Staple Singers' vision of 'a place' where "Nobody’s crying/ worried/lying to the races or flashing false smiles.

6. Ire Temi (My Success)

This track contains a series of affirmations for success. It begins by saying that success is achieved by working smart. We learn from nature how the butterfly preserves itself and its beauty, by exercising caution in all its movements.

Experience has shown that it takes a lot of smartness to extract the nut from the palm-kernel. Human beings can use all this wisdom to advantage.

7. Country Roads

Riddim Doctors inject their unique musical medicine to this John Denver Classic ensuring enjoyable experiences are had by listeners whilst driving, dancing, relaxing or otherwise.

8. Palm-Wine

Presented in the Highlife musical style, 'Palm Wine' is very cool, danceable and allows the listener to supply personal lyrics if he/she desires. Take one sip of this music and be transported to clean, sandy beaches, inviting blue waters, gentle breezes and imposing palm trees. Enjoy your Holiday.

9. Lana Dewa (Clear The Way)

On this track, we take up the theme of Marcus Garvey, only this time we call on the spirits of our ancestors to clear the way for us in times of difficulties or crises.

Relying on spiritual help, we can triumph over all obstacles, and go on to succeed in all our enterprises. Surely, each of us has an ancestor that she or he can call upon in times of crisis. The ancestors are waiting to receive our call for help.

Ratings: /10

• 0-1.9: Flop

• 2.0-3.9: Near fall

• 4.0-5.9: Average

• 6.0-7.9: Victory

• 8.0-10: Champion

Pulse Rating: /10

Tracklist: 1.8/2

Content and Themes: 1.9/2

Production: 2/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.9/2

Execution: 1.8/2


9.4 - Champion