Less than a year into opening Africa's number one luxury nightclub, QUILOX, foremost businessman and socialite, Shina Peller is floating a new label and his first signings are no other than pop-star and youth ambassador Tilla (formerly known as Tillaman), and his brother, Que Peller.

The record label which is a member of Mr. Peller's Aquila Group of Companies, is named Aquila's Record, and it signed both Tilla and Que Peller to respective multi-million Naira deals.

With the label, Tilla, "D Real Omoba" as he's fondly called, will be fortifying his stance as one of the best pop-stars on the African continent, while Que Peller will be embarking on massive campaign to make him a household name in no time.

Managed by YBRL Consultancy, Aquila Records has fully commenced operations and will be having its official launch party on Saturday, September 27th.