Niegrian rappers  Modenine and T.R have denied any anger over the lyrics of Reminisce’s new song, 'Local Rappers'.

Reminisce had earlier this month released ‘Local rapper’ a second single off his soon to be released third album, Baba Hafusa.

Local Rappers  features fellow local lingua rappers Olamide and Phyno with lyrics saying word play and punch lines are no longer in demand; rather, rap in local language is the  fans favourite. The song also pointed out how indigenous rappers are enjoying the good life, getting the shows ahead of hard core rappers.

The song, 'Local Rappers' had reportedly irked the pioneer rap acts, but new information claims they aren’t.

According to the two rap acts, the song holds no ulterior meaning to them, revealing that Reminisce is a close colleague and friend.

When asked about it by 36ng, Modenine reportedly said: “It’s false. Reminisce is my friend, we are even working on a song together. I’m not recording any song with Terry tha Rapman in reply to Local rapper. You heard it from the horses mouth.”

Terry tha Rapman also shared similar sentiments over the song, saying: “It’s not true. As a matter of fact, Reminisce is a close friend of Modenine and I and we understand how people will feel because of the lyrics of the song that it was directed at us, but trust me, it’s not. We are cool.”