On May 21, 2020, Nigerian rappers, MI Abaga and Naeto C announced that they will face off in an IG Live battle of hits on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

The announcement came via MI Abaga's page around 10 pm on May 21, 2020. He wrote, "The actual official real authentic verses battle between me and my brother @NaetoC is happening Sunday.. we had a great convo last night and after this we both want to put this on for the culture with other artists.. please RT share and prepare.. who y’all got?? #10for10."

How did this happen?

On May 20, 2020, Nigerian Twitter user, Tola Sarumi also known as AfroVII took to her Twitter account to ask her followers to tweet to MI Abaga hits. When Noble Igwe, co-founder of music blog, 360Nobs joked that all MI Abaga's songs might be hits, Sarumi replied that, "He's a top top rapper, that's not the question. Lol but against Naeto? 10 joints each? I don't see him winning."

With the battle line drawn, we say the imperial words of American rapper, TI, "May the best man win, partner..."

See you on Sunday.