Welcome to another episode of Loose Talk Podcast where good things happen. On this episode, Bad Girl Mo is back, sharing tales of how her last Loose Talk Podcast appearance aided some new appearance in her Twitter DMs and what happened to her car. It promises to be a good episode with loads of banter.

“My back blew up like action film”

Mo gists the gang about how her car blew up one Sunday after service for reasons unknown just as this episode starts up. Incredibly, a Wrangler or Benz will not be too bad for Mo. From this, the gang delve into fan mails and a certain fan who comes at Steve.

#JusticeForRapeInNigeria: There’s no accountability in Nigeria

About a week ago, news broke that two Lekki boys; 25-year-old Don-Chima George and 28-year-old Razak Oke had been accused of raping a lady after they took her to a club and spiked her drink with a depressant, which made her sleepy. Reports also claimed they made a video of while raping this unnamed lady.

However, on February 7, 2019, Nigerian social media – especially Twitter – was pasted with claims that the Lagos State Police Command had freed the two boys accused of rape. This rumour was started by a Nigerian Twitter user who runs the account @KingNelo2.

The matter started a conversation on social media and the gang breakdown the issue of entitlement to a woman’s body as well as friends who enable their rapists friends and never take precautions to warn the women or correct these friends. The gang examine how protecting women is of paramount importance.

Asides that, the gang also examine how people tied this issue to rapper, Falz and how it promote fake tendencies on Twitter.

Single and lonely on Valentine’s…

From the angle of Mo who claims she will be single on Valentine’s Day, the gang discuss the oncoming event and reactions soar. Asides that, as people discuss the idea of the ‘infamous pant theft,’ and how the idea might be different to what we know – Abbey has a theory from an article he read.

Finally, the gang also discuss the art of foreplay in Lagos and the predicament of a young man.

In addition, we get chatter on CNN’s expose on how James Brown died and 21 Savage’s arrest.