After a conversation on Twitter about that controversial line 'uncle stop touching me', Kiss Daniel had to tweet about what the line truly means.

The singer tweeted on Saturday, January 13, 2018 "D song teaches our ladies to speak out against wat they haven’t consented 2 nd 4 d men to realise dat if a lady says No, No means No."

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You would recall that some ladies on Twitter earlier in the week raised concerns about the line in 'Yeba'. A female voice is heard saying ‘uncle stop touching’ in a manner that portrays the lady is being touched indecently against her consent by a man she’s probably dancing with, in the video.

Some people on Twitter feel that the line glorifies or promotes sexual assault. Well, it is good to know Kiss Daniel has spoken on the true meaning of that line on his hit single.

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Kiss Daniel only recently exited G-Worldwide management which we believe gives him a shot at being a real celebrity.

The singer signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment in 2013 and went on to release hit singles such as ‘Woju’, ‘Laye’, ‘Good Time’, and ‘Mama’. His debut album 'New Era' released in 2016 was one of the best albums of the year.