Show Dem Camp talk about their album and African Hip-Hop [Interview]

They also discuss how they use their music to challenge the system and relate to people from across the continent.

Show Dem Camp talk about their album and African Hip-Hop. (AppleMusic/AfricaNow)

On Sunday, July 16, 2021, legendary Nigerian Hip-Hop duo Show Dem Camp - made up of Olumide 'Ghost' Ayeni and Wale 'Tec' Davies - joins LootLove via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about their latest track, 'Tycoon' featuring the legendary Reminisce and the talented MOJO.

They also discuss their new album, Clone Wars Vol. 5 – The Algorhythm and how it continues the make-you-think ethos of their Clone Wars series; and how they use their music to challenge the system and relate to people from across the continent.

Show Dem Camp’s Tec on hip-hop from the African continent

"I think right now, African hip-hop is really finding its own voice and its own unique ways of telling these stories. And I think those ways are beginning to resonate with people more and more. I think this project is testament to that because a lot of people that have listened to the project now are like, "Yo, this is exactly what I'm living day-to-day in Nigeria."

"We're not trying to sell you any foreign dreams, or any Bentleys and Champagne. I think we're just like trying to connect with what normal, everyday Nigerians at this point are going through."

Show Dem Camp’s Ghost on the meaning behind the name of their latest album ‘Clone Wars Vol. 5 - The Algorhythm’

"The ‘Clone Wars’ series basically is our idea of us versus the world, basically. It's not necessarily a war, but we're at constant war with the system or society or whatever. And normally, each series tends to highlight a certain period of time within what's going on in Nigeria at the time."

"So previously before this, there's been ‘Clone Wars,’ ‘The Subsidy,’ ‘The Recession,’ and recently, we just decided to call this one ‘The Algorhythm,’ because basically, it made sense with all the things that we've been going through, through the last 2020, and the title just felt right because everything we've been going through has been on our phones, going through the algorithm of laptops and TV’s and all the data coming at you. So that's why we titled it ‘The Algorhythm.’"


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