I am now a happy, fulfilled and satisfied man! Yeah, I must state here that my obsession has been met and I can now sleep well and dream better instead of occupying my mind with this fixation. I have had this passion of interviewing yes, he that is called D’Banj, for over two years, to no avail.

I have stalked him, set up camp at his house, made numerous calls, sent emails and messages, but they all turned out to be attempts in futility. But now, I have been able to pin him down and finally have my interview. Though short, at least, I finally had it.

So enjoy it here. !

Me: D’Banj, it has really been a long chase for me, but thank God I now have you.

D’Banj: ‘AmD’banj, or Sk’banj, like my Jamaican friends call me…’ Yeah my brother, the Koko master has been very busy, you know. Running around making money all over the world, you know. Since DonJazzy decided to boot me out, I have to show him and that his small brother that I can make my money without them. I have been rolling man, from Paris to SouthAfrica, you know, the Hennessey money… I have been balling. Fileeee!

Me: We heard you did ‘ and in the UK.

D’Banj: I am not going to regret anything I did while struggling to survive. Yes, I was a ‘maybe you did not hear, I even did someKnow what that means?Washing of corpses, all in a bid to make ends meet. I did small ‘ but my guy, you should know how it is. But when the ‘, (police), decided to throw sand-sand into my , I showed them that ‘Mobolowowon.’ I was one step ahead of them and scampered back to my country. Don’t mind those people. Today, I can pay their salaries for five years without touching my bank account.

Me: Heard you said you will love to get married to Genevieve Nnaji. How true is this?

D’Banj: Whenever that name is mentioned, I feel mistiness in my eyes and a clog in my throat. GenevieveDonmakemefallinlove’ and I swear, I will marry her. I have said it and anything I say, I do. She may just be doing ‘ for me now but let me tell you here: after PeterOkoye (P-Square’s) wedding, it will be my turn to marry GenevieveNnaji. She is like my mother and I feel incomplete without her.

Me: Have you proposed to her?

D’Banj: I do not need to propose to Genevieve. She knows my intention but if I need to propose to her, I will buy her a private jet. na common Prado Jeep Peter buy for Lola? I will surpass that. ‘Omo, na money dey talk.’ When I am ready, I will just take her to the altar stright.

Me: And what if she refuses?

D’Banj: Why would she refuse? Do not make me angry o. I tell you that she will not refuse and you are here saying otherwise. Or are you going to tell her to refuse? That is why I don’t like people with little faith. ‘OlorunMaje,’ ‘Mogbonofelifeli,’ so she cannot refuse. Check out our kiss in my video, does that look fake to you? Guy, that babe can kiss. I did not brush my teeth for one month after that kiss o.

Me: Okay, so when exactly are we expecting the wedding?

D’Banj: Well, I cannot categorically tell you that now…

And that was when I woke up. So it was all a dream? My God, this fixation with interviewing D’Banj is becoming serious o. Someone, help me!