“Get Up” with Kameko Tarnez

January 31st 2022, 1:39:22 pm

We are pleased to announce that Kameko Tarnez is back on the music scene!

“Get Up” with Kameko Tarnez

After a long hiatus, following his multiple sold out international tours and collaborations with icons such as Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Grace Jones, Toni Braxton, and more, Kameko Tarnez has returned!

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In 2016, Kameko and his team launched Archrok Entertainment, and have produced several films. Currently they are working on producing “Protector of the Gods”, a 30 million dollar per film trilogy about Egypt’s most notable queens, Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra.

This afro-futuristic film was recognized by GQ and Glamour as “Hollywood’s First All Black Egypt” film. In fact, the demand for these stories has grown so much, that the Archrok team will be releasing the film’s attached comic book and animation series later this year.

Just like many people around the world, Kameko was greatly impacted by covid-19. This pandemic forced everyone to slow down and reflect. During this time, Kameko decide to go back to his roots and express himself the best way he knew how: his voice.

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This beautiful angelic is back with something to say! His latest single “Get Up” was released in February 2021 and leaves us with something to think about. Kameko has always used the current climate and his personal experience to inspire his music and other creative ventures.

The lyrics in “Get Up” are no different. “It wasn’t long ago that we were slaves. We had no rights to make a change. We must be aware of who we really are, the mothers and fathers of the planet earth. The oppressor knows from where your blood flows. We are gods.” This opening statement, in true Kameko fashion gives us something to think and reflect on.

The passion in his voice and strong lyrical content has the power to give listeners chills throughout their body as he speaks to their souls. After the soft release of “Get Up “last year, Kameko decided that he would do several remixes and visuals to maximize the songs reach. This February 2022, he will be releasing his second installment of the “Get up” project which is a music visual NFT.

Kameko Tarnez is a true artistic genius with talent beyond measure. After hearing “Get Up”, we cannot wait to see what else he has to share with the world.

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