YLLW is a collaborative EP between two equally talented individuals in Remy Baggins and Eri Ife, as they furnish a complementary body of work that is soulful and profoundly inspiring.

Beyond the business world, and across many areas of life, partnership or networking, depending on the nomenclature chosen these days seems like the way forward even in the music industry.

The last time two young artists delivered a project similar to this came in the form of rappers, Boogey and Paybac when they released their Face off album in 2016 and what these type of projects usually achieve is helping to harness their individual strengths while feeding off their respective fanbase.

Remy Baggins is one familiar name as he has been hovering on the scene longer than the average man waits at the bus-stop on a late night in Lagos, and with three projects to his name, the talented artist weaves a bigger influence on this project, with Eri Ife who released his eponymously named debut project last year also casting his spell visibly.

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Opening YLLW, is Yeah, where artistically, Eri Ife is allowed to take the lead introducing himself on the joint with Remy Baggins taking over the show from there.

This is playground anthem, it is music made at 12 am in the morning after successfully closing a deal and like they said on the verse, they are bringing something new while keeping it simple.

Across the entire project is a sprinkle of inspiration from classic Nigerian songs, dusty samples and borrowing innovation from artists like Wizkid.

Bori Pe is a standout cut, thriving on gripping imagery and induced lyrics preaching humility and focus in forging a path to success.

Bastien's  Interlude sees them tap into the glory of the hit single, ''Otedola'' by Dice Ailes, riding on a beat that is pleasurably quite recreated for easy listening.

The pot gets sweeter with My City, where they pay tribute to Lagos, the place they dwell and it features Bryan the Mensah, ''From Ikeja to the Island, Imma show you off, waterside views Bogobiri top it off, Yellow back everywhere, you get used to it'', they sing as they take a trip through the different areas and landmarks that Lagos offers.

Curtains fall on the project with 'YLLW', built over solemn keys and alternating chords, Eri Ife steps away from just wanting to be the singer seated at the corner in the bar to the centre stage holding the mic and making the crowd understand that there is so much more to him.

The duo utilize their vocals quite well on this and scored a perfect way to end the project.

With 5 tracks, Eri Ife is convincing as a carefully distinct singer that can switch it up and yet be heart felt, while Remy Baggins is earning his stripes as the developing all rounder, comfortable in his lane, creative in his imagination and finding balance with his lyrics.

There is a candor to YLLW, coupled with an assertiveness as each artist drinks from the well of abundance that they possess, YLLW is an enjoyable listen, maybe a bit too enjoyable that it clouds the dark spots which they clearly have especially in the elements of their sound and general cohesiveness which sounded a bit too gritty at times.

But all in all, they shot for the sky and have not fallen far off in delivering a sound worthy of its place in today's masterpieces.

Rating: 4/5


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