EP - Make E No Cause FightArtist - Ajebutter22 and BOJRecord Label - Jungle Records (2018)Duration - 5 songs, 14 minutes

The duo of Ajebutter22 and BOJ serve up a reminder that there are no rules to making good music, and with their laidback, 'butterish' and melodious style fused together, they deliver a rare blend of music that stays appealing to the ears.

Despite having worked together on several singles like Omo Pastor and Jo Funmi, It was a bit surprising to not find Ajebutter22's name on the list of featured artists on Boj's album, Magic released late last year. Boj's name was also missing on the formers 'What happens in Lagos' album, which was critically rated as one of the finest projects in 2017.

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Hence, it was only right that the bond led to the stars aligning for a bigger project, which they have delivered in the way of Make E No Cause Fight.

The five track EP inspired by a popular Lagos street slang is exactly what you would expect from an Ajebutter22 and BOJ project. Enmeshed in a lot of feel-good and vibey tunes, the duo bring their experiences and growth over the years to life.

From the project opener, 24, which has a calming opening sequence, this is a smooth tune that eases you into their world, there is nothing too brash as they achieve an emphatic earworm.

Then there is Taxi and the previously released, Yawa which continues in the same tempo and captures figments of life as it happens on a regular day in Lagos.

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The E Kelly produced Tungba brings romance to the table, as Ajebutter22 proclaims, 'You will never call a taxi, I'm gonna give you a car key'.

The only featured guest Teezee comes through with not just a distinct flow, but a memorable verse on 'Amala,' bringing the EP to the grand closing that it deserves.

Production was solid on the project as Spax, Studio Magic and E Kelly laced beats that matched the delivery and mood of the artists.

Ajebutter and BOJ are quite close to perfecting the art of soft and engaging music, and clearly have the talent to develop further into profound artists.

While the project serves all round good music, with all the songs built on the same layer and giving the EP a steady direction, song writing is not at its highest point as Ajebutter's lyrics like 'Mon Jalingo, I no be Taraba', stay as basic, without an attempt at stretching the creativity.

Make e no cause fight furthers the concept of their individual projects, portraying two artists thriving on their own sounds, and the songs are strategically brief as the longest track on the EP clocks at the three minutes, eight seconds mark, which seems like a conscious effort to curtail it from becoming boring, giving their fans a well rounded extract to what they offer.

Listen to Make e no cause fight here