Nigeria may not exactly be the most ideal place to live in it, but it is the only country we have and we are proud of it.

May 29 or Democracy Day as we call it, is the day when the country was restored back into the hands of a democratically elected government and as we celebrate the 18th year of unbroken democracy, we have cued up the perfect playlist to help you get into your most patriotic mood on the day.

Here are 10 songs you should listen to on Democracy day.

1. Funmi Adams - Nigeria, my beloved country

Funmi Adams - Nigeria, my beloved country

This is one evergreen classic rendered by Funmi Adams that speaks of the good old days, while evoking a loyalist feeling for the country.

2. Veno Marioghae - Nigeria go survive

Veno Marioghae - Nigeria go survive

Another quintessential record that preaches unity and oneness in the midst of diversity.

Delivered in pidgin, the Delta state artist, Veno Marioghae delivered a brilliant tune that grew into an anthem of eternal hope in what the country stands for.

3. Sunny Ade and friends - Lift up Nigeria

Sunny Ade and friends - Lift up Nigeria

King Sunny Ade alongside some of his friends like Orlando Owoh, Charly Boy, Oritz Wiliki, Segun Arinze, Timi Osukoya come together to deliver a true national song.

Set on a stage in the middle of the city, the artists dressed in traditional outfits and singing in different languages representing their tribe combine to preach togetherness, unity and optimism. ''Everybody wan become citizens, brothers and sisters make we no give up, if today bitter, tomorrow go better''.

4. Timi Dakolo - One Nation

Timi Dakolo - One Nation

Now if there is one song that should ever replace the Nigerian national anthem, then this is it.

Timi Dakolo evokes emotion, belief, pride and maturity in this inspiring and testosterone spiking song as he extols the greatness, abundance and resilience of the country and its citizens, picturing a land where there is hope for us, ''We are all we have, we will defend our land, we believe in this nation and we know we'll get there''.

One day, we hope the promise the nation holds gets fulfilled and we shine as the sun.

5. Kush - Let's live together (Remix)

Kush - Lets live together

Originally released in 2009, the trio of Lara George, TY Bello and Emem Ema jointly known as Kush enjoyed a short spell as a group, but were able to put together this song that lives after them.

Let's live together came at a time of ethnic violence, tribal clashes and religious intolerance as they add their voices in raising the socio-consciousness of the citizens.

6. Lagbaja - Prayer for the youth feat. Bola Ige

Lagbaja - Prayer for the youth

For the masked one Lagbaja, how are the youths supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow when they are never given the chance?

So he resorts to prayers with words of advice from the late Bola Ige.

7. African China - Mr President

African China - Mr President

One of the benefits of democracy is the citizens being able to hold their leaders accountable for their actions or inaction and African China is one up to the task.

Singing ''Food e no dey, brother eh, water no dey, and our country no good o, everyday for thief, one day for the owner''. (There is no food, no water, the country is not good, it's everyday for the thief and a day for the owner).

He boldly requests that the leaders do their elected job and lead us well.

8. Wande Coal - Shey na like this

Wande Cole - Shey na like this

Off his debut album, Mushin 2 Mohits, singer Wande Coal is bewildered by the state of things in the country and proceeds to release a song asking if this is how things will persist.

Shey na like dis details how things once were, how long the situation have given to rot and wonders for how long will the people continue to live in poverty even in the supposed midst of plenty.

9. Falz - This is Nigeria

This is Nigeria

Falz in a revolutionary moment inspired by Childish Gambino's This is America video, addresses Nigerians in a state of the nation visualized speech.

The video which has generated a lot of reaction across the country touches on prevailing societal issues like Sarz brutality, codeine abuse and unrestrained killings in some part of the country.

10. T.W.O - Green White Green feat. 2Baba

T.W.O - Green White Green feat. 2Baba

Music couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe got together with 2baba lending their voice in singing about the greatness that the country Nigeria bears.

Through the colours of the National flag, they preach unity, the fear of God and love across the geopolitical zones.

Happy democracy day, Nigeria.