This was made known by the producer on his twitter page after receiving his plaque, ''First Nigerian producer/ songwriter to sell platinum in South Africa! Big ups to everyone that made this happen!'', he posted.

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The producer is recognised for his work on Davido's 2017 hit song, 'Fall', which went platinum on the South African charts earlier in the year.

What does it mean to go Diamond and Platinum In South Africa?

According to the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA), For a single to be certified Gold status it should have sold over 10,000 units, and 20,000 units for Platinum status.

For it to go Diamond, it has to do 10 times Platinum. In this case that equals 200,000 copies.

Interestingly, the RISA also counts music videos as a part of it too. 5,000 views of a music video makes the record go gold. 10,000 makes it platinum. It’s a complex system that involves lots of calculations.

Earlier in February, Davido was awarded with two plaques for his singles, ‘If’ and ‘Fall’ , which went Diamond and Platinum respectively in South Africa.