Forget all of his accolades and illustrious career, one person who believes that

Blackface and 2face Idibia, once members of the defiunct pop group, Plantashun Boiz, have had issues over the years, but none has been more dismissive of the latter’s achievements in music.

Blackface was guest at Pulse’s Loose Talk podcast, where he shared his full career story and the workings of Plantashun Boiz. He believes 2face Idibia has not achieved in the Nigerian music industry, and all of his deeds have been ‘underachievements’.

“2face needs somebody to be on his toe to tell him to do the right things,” Blackface says. “He is just that kind of artist. If you check his music right now, you can see the difference. You can’t compare his music right now to Plantashun Boiz’s music. It’s nowhere close. Melody wise, music wise, sound wise, he is nowhere close.”

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Blackface further explains that his history with 2face Idibia provides him with a clearer insight into 2baba’s career.

“Why I am tough on 2face is because he can do better, and he isn’t trying to do better,” he says. “I don’t think he has people around him that are trying to make him do better. From management to everything. If Efe Omoregbe his manager is here, I will tell him to his face. He is not trying at all. He needs to get writers from the boy…We just heard his last record (‘Ascension’ album) and it is broken.”

Blackface further explains how 2face can become better, and more. You can check it out in the podcast above. To get to this part, skip to the 1 hour, 25 minutes time stamp.