Also known as: TY

In a Relationship with: Married in 2009

Hometown: Osun state

Fun fact: She is the President of Nigeria's personal photographer

Best quote

Art is about collecting experiences and expressing them. For me music and photography are similar art forms. I collect experiences, stir them in myself and express it in my own language. Just like my photography, music is my language.

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Born Toyin Sokefun on the 14 of January is a Nigerian musician and photographer. She attended the University of Lagos and graduated with a degree in economics and ended up in journalism and then picked up hobby photography and most recently, music.

Best known for: TY Bello associated with signature look; the big afro hair was part of a modern gospel band called KUSH (Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes) alongside Lara George, Dapo Torimiro and Emem Ema. She eventually branched out into a solo career and released her debut album “Greenland’ in 2008 which took over two years to write and earned her awards such as Nigeria Music Award and the Sound City Award. Asides being a musician and photographer, she shot the incredible video for her song Greenland and got several positive reviews concerning it. TY Bello released sophomore album ‘Future’ in 2012.

TY Bello is a successful photographer, as she was assigned as the official photographer to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and does work for This day fashion magazine and other publications. She also hosts an annual exhibition that aims to raise funds for orphans nationwide. Her other philanthropic work includes directing The Link-a-child Foundation, to aid augmentation of orphanages.

In 2011, she teamed up with Nigerian make up brand and training company, House of Tara to launch the Jubilee Collection brand of make-up. The photographer who has covered magazines such as Mania, Genevieve is known to have had photo shoots with Presidents, Governors, celebrities and A-Class celebrities, both local and international.

Personal life of TY Bello

She is married.