The rise of the Nigerian patois and reggae-influenced community of singers last year is something of a marvel even to a cynical old fox like myself. B and his ‘SOS’ song, Endia and his ‘Raving’, Patoranking screaming his ‘Alubarika’, and a lot of others just leave me wanting more.

With the turn of the New Year, many clamoured for a new sound, a little something extra to improve on the fabulous releases of last year (Jaiye Jaiye, Gobe, Surulere, Skelewu, Rihanna). 2014 needed to be step up from those sounds, and our musicians have not entirely disappointed.

Step up they did. Patoranking, the semi-rastafarian, mixed with a dose of Nigerian madness, and an amazing control of words and lyrics took life by the balls and squeezed out greatness. He dropped ‘Girlie O’, a song of love, laced with effusive bass, cutting-edge synths, and an interplay of percussion that was aptly put to good use with lyrics, and a catchy chorus, all in patois of course.

‘Girlie O’ currently is in heavy rotation at major clubs and parties, with the effects worthy of black sorcery. But no, the magician has refused to relent. He sought a worthy musical witch, found a soul mate in Tiwa Savage, and together they have dropped the remix of ‘Girlie O’.

It’s pure magic! “Patoranking is a ruler, and Tiwa Savage is good for your soul”. On the new remix, the basic winning elements were not discarded. They were retained and improved. The beat, chorus, and dynamism were held onto, and major work put into the lyrics. What’s the point of having a remix, if the original does not flatter it?

Tiwa Savage put the song to the sword, killing it with each line, and backup. She strikes an uncanny partnership with Patoranking, and adds genuine value to an already great song. She was the right choice, nobody would have done it better. Maybe Burna Boy and his dreamy throwback vocals.

The new video of the song, directed by Moe Musa, does justice to the song. Shot in the UK, Moe decides against infusing a lot of external influence to take away focus from the song. Rolling the camera 360 degrees for a lot of needed dynamism, Moe showed his skill. Tiwa was dressed like a Caribbean thug princess, and Patoranking stuck to his preferred costume of half-pirate, half madman, giving us a visual worthy of such audio beauty.

Summing it all up, Tiwa and Pato make such a fine team. It’s a bit like watching Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Only this time, they’ve made the musical better with no story, and the male isn’t a beast.

Methinks, it’s ‘Beauty and The Pirate!