NaetoC made the statement while introducing Wizkid at the 2013ChannelOMusicVideoAwards held in Johannesburg, SouthAfrica. NaetoC was quoted to have said; “Wizkid took Azonto global.”

But that statement does not sit well with entertainers from Nkrumah’s enclave who seem slighted because they feel they own Azonto and that the dance was already known to the outside world before Wizkid added his magic touch to the craze.

Commenting on one of Ghana’s entertainment websites, OMGGhana, a showbiz aficionado clearly stated that “Wizkid may have added his touch to Azonto but he clearly did not take it global. If anything, he joined on the band wagon for his own gain. How can anybody put Wizkid above our musicians like FuseODG, Sarkodie and Gasmilla, with regards to the popularity of Azonto?”

Another angry singer added his voice to the drama thus: “Where was Wizkid when Sarkodie’s made it all the way to the urban video website ‘’ Where was Wizkid when Sarkodie again introduced the world to Azonto on Tim Westwood’s TV? Where was Wizkid when FuseODG had everybody singing ?”

And yet another fired angrily: “How can NaetoC credit Wizkid with taking Azonto global? It shows his ignorance. Where was Wizkid when Gasmilla was teaching the world Azonto with his ‘AzontoTutorial’ series on YouTube? An honest answer to this question will tell you that Wizkid’s name should not even come up when the word Azonto mentioned. This might sound trivial to some but we are very mad at NaetoC’s utterance. Credit needs to be given to the due source.”

And yet another: “This is the second time Azonto has been ‘stolen’ from us. Early this year, Chris Brown bestowed the honor on Wizkid again at BET’s106&Park. We forgave his ignorance, but NaetoC should have known better.”

Boy, the Ghanaians are damn angry; how do we soothe them?